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Client Chats

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Client Chats

This photography thing is fantastic. I love it. I love it because its technical and you need a lot of know how to get the best possible shot. But I love it because I get to meet so many different people.

I would definitely say I’m a people person. I love to meet new people and listen to their stories of where there from, what they do, the dreams there goals and sometimes there fears.

While shooting a portrait session recently I began a chatting to my client and discovered he like to play guitar (as I do) and thought great something in common to talk about, so we chatted for a little while on gigs and guitars and music. This wasn’t the end, I discovered he was a physicist, and was working on technology that would soon be in space orbiting the earth. I was blown away by this.

A passion of mine is always to look to the heavens on a dark clean night. It’s just amazing and send in into awe what I can see up there. So a simple chat with a client can open up such insight into someone else’s life.

Another client had an told me she worked for traffic Scotland and monitored the state of the roads via the cameras at the side of the motorways. I always wondered who actually did these sorts of jobs.

It pays to chat. Generally people love to talk about their lives and loves. Passions and fears, which all in all relaxes my clients and allows me to take better photographs. I feel more enlightened that I’ve met someone interesting in my wonderful job

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