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This is been written about 100’s of times but I’ve been asked a few times how I created the photo of the Milkway. So here is how I did it. This is the hard part. Find a dark sky. The amount of light leakage is unbelievable...


Age of the selfie

I spend a great deal of my day or everyday looking at photograph’s. I see them on Facebook and Twitter when I load that up when I’m on the train or in the newspaper if I decide to pick up a free newspaper...


Photoshop or Not

Sometimes you just have a few seconds to make the decision. Do I take this photo or not. Above it Findlay he's my young son. He's never seen snow but when I we were out walking one day I thought it might be a little...


Client Chats

This photography thing is fantastic. I love it. I love it because its technical and you need a lot of know how to get the best possible shot, but I love it because I get to meet some many different people. I would say I’m...


Question & Answer

Questions are important. As a photographer I have a list of questions. There is even a questionnaire for the prospective Bride & Groom to be that they should fill in. This is to help me help them. This is to help me help them....