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Think about your wedding venue. Imagine what the wedding will be like in that venue. How big is the dance floor? Where is the bar? Choice of venue is key.
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Choice of Venue

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Choice of Venue

It’s a fact of life. We are a social bread us humans, and get togethers such as weddings brings out the biggest social get togethers I can imagine. All these people in one place many of them friends with each other, many of them not having see one and other in years or at least since the embarrassing stagg and hen night. They all want to catch up. They all want to chat about stag nights, hen nights or days gone by…………So when you are looking for a venue please remember with over 10 years’ experience in a ceilidh band playing weddings try not to book a venue where the bar is in a separate room. Its inevitable that your guest will being to congregate around the bar, leaving a hall with half-filled guests probably wondering why the hall is so empty and where the other guests are.


As a photographer that covers the reception at night it can be difficult to be in two places at once. I like to try my hardest to capture most if not all of the guests at some point in the evening.


Look at your venue. Think about the people you are inviting. As about the rooms and generally what happens with guests. Where is the bar? How far are the toilets, where does the band\disco go.

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