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Wedding photographer in Musselburgh and the East Lothian area.
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“Taking pictures is savouring life intensely, every hundredth of a second.”

My name is Robert and Rae is my middle name. I’m a professional photographer. I live and work in East Lothian where I photograph Weddings, Portraits, and commercial events.


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It’s lovely to be able to capture that precious moment in time. To be able to look back and savour that moment in time. We all like to look back at a special moment. Why not capture that moment with us


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I really think spontaneous moments are the most beautiful, and my style of photography won’t interrupt the natural flow of your day. I pride myself on capturing every emotion and every detail with as much honesty and sensitivity as I can muster.

Business & Commercial



Whether for LinkedIn, or Promo or personal use. I shoot the client in a surrounding that best suits them. A natural habitat, or in your apartment or place of work, or in the studio. You’ll be amazed at the results.



It’s wonderful being able to have a job where you are meeting new people all he time and being able to photograph them in some truly amazing places. Below are some projects I’ve worked on recently.

Isla’s 1st Birthday Cake Smash
In Cake Smash
In Children / Family
The Lee Family
In Family
Baby Findlay
In New Born
Yoga Studio
In Life Style
Super Cute Caroline
In Children
In Children
Amsterdam Jazz Festival

What We Are Good At


I pride myself in the fact I can talk to anyone. I take care of my clients and listen to what they want and attend to there needs if be. I think this shines through in the photographs that I take. I feel the same with the equipment I use. All the equipment is top of the range. I wouldn’t expect someone to pay for a second class photo if I wasn’t offering the best possible quality I could offer. Which is why all my gear is about as good as it gets. So the quality can shine through. 



I’ve put down a few random thought’s and ideas where I can. Some are just thoughts and some may even be helpful. These are somethings I’ve witnessed through my years of being a photographer and I would like to share these thoughts with you.

  • Milkyway

    This is been written about 100’s of times but I’ve been asked a few times how I created the photo of the Milkway. So here is how I did it. This is the hard part. Find a dark sky. The amount of light leakage is unbelievable from street lamps towns and cities, so even when you think you’re in complete darkness...

  • Age of the selfie

    I spend a great deal of my day or everyday looking at photograph’s. I see them on Facebook and Twitter when I load that up when I’m on the train or in the newspaper if I decide to pick up a free newspaper at the station. That’s before I look at new posts that are on Flickr, Pinterest, Instagram, YouPic....

  • Photoshop or Not

    Sometimes you just have a few seconds to make the decision. Do I take this photo or not. Above it Findlay he's my young son. He's never seen snow but when I we were out walking one day I thought it might be a little fun to see if I could get Findlay to pose for a few shots. He's a natural. It was so easy to ask...

  • Choice of Venue

    It’s a fact of life. We are a social bread us humans, and get togethers such as weddings brings out the biggest social get togethers I can imagine. All these people in one place many of them friends with each other, many of them not having see one and other in years or at least since the embarrassing stagg and hen night....

  • Question & Answer

    Questions are important. As a photographer I have a list of questions. There is even a questionnaire for the prospective Bride & Groom to be that they should fill in. This is to help me help them. This is to help me help them. I want the day to be as special as it can be and to go as seamlessly as possible and to help...

  • Client Chats

    This photography thing is fantastic. I love it. I love it because its technical and you need a lot of know how to get the best possible shot, but I love it because I get to meet some many different people. I would say I’m a people person and I love to meet new people and listen to their stories of where there from, what they do...



It’s easy to stay in touch, or see what I’ve been up to. Here are a few of my social sites you can find what I’ve been up to. Never a dull moment and always up to date. Feel free to leave me a message or a like if you see photos you like.


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